February 24, 1997 – July 18, 2020

To honor the life and legacy of Nicholas “Nico” Omari Isaac by ending gun violence through education, job trainings, rallies, social justice initiatives, community engagement and collaborative philanthropy for the benefit of the general public and other grass root organizations that support the initiatives of ending violence in our communities. To provide youth services to young males, females and families to strengthen fundamental values, skills, and knowledge through literacy programs, anti-bullying classes, gun violence programs, mentorship guidance and athletic programs. To create Artistic Media (music, video, film, fine art, photography, theatre, fashion design, etc.) for the purpose of inspiring people to live the best life available collaborating with the community of artistic people in New York City & around the world. 

718 March For Life Family


394 Waverly Ave

Brooklyn, New York 11238




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